FCG (AK, AKM, AK74) Layout Guide

FCG (AK, AKM, AK74) Layout Guide
Brand: Childers Guns
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Childers Guns - FCG Layout Guide

This jig will allow you to use a 1/4" Transfer punch to center punch all the holes for the FCG (Left and right side of a Polish blank).

It will work for a 47 or a 74 blank.

Getting the dimensions of the FCG correct is crucial to your build, and we wanted to provide an inexpensive option.

Now includes Front and Rear trunnion rivet locations for 47 and 74.

These are made of machinable plastic, they are not a drill guide. They are designed to be a layout guide.

Use a 1/4" Transfer punch, not a standard / tapered center punch.

FCG Layout Guide Directions


OutdoorCook on 05/10/2021
9 reviews
Got my layout guides. I haven’t used them yet. The one hole is 3/8” as previously noted. I bought a 3/8” OD 1/4” ID bushing at Lowe’s (Hillman 882991, $3) which fits perfectly and the 1/4” punch goes in with no drag. Tractor Supply should have them, too.
hldn on 03/04/2018
9 reviews
just received mine and while the initial impressions are good, the center support hole is not 1/4" like all the other holes, as the images on the website show. it looks to be around a 3/8" hole.. i skipped buying a whole set of transfer punches and bought the 1/4" addon here, but it looks like i'll have to buy the set anyway.
Mike on 06/22/2017
9 reviews
If you are cheap and only need the bare minimum to build. get rid of the glue stick and those paper templates and GET THIS TOOL. We have laid this on 5 different Com Block country original receivers and FC lines up perfect. Follow instructions and line up top of tool with your Childers blank and you are on the spot each time. If you are using a Flat Spot or Cold Steel blank, make sure your top is finished to fit 1st and get Childers Transfer Punch. look on net for simple ways to dimple trunnion holes and it will turn out great. If your buying a Finished FFL Childers receiver for a builder to finish for you, don't let him tell you he had to do this or that to make Childers Receiver work. They are as close to OEM as you can get in US. Great Service and Fast Delivery. Childers is hands down the BEST.
andrew on 09/06/2016
9 reviews
If your building an ak and you dont have one of these i guarantee youll say a few cusswords during your build. These drill guides make it simple. Make sure you lay these down precisely and 100% semetrical when doing each side. Make sure these are super tight and wont move
Serge on 09/23/2015
9 reviews
Amazing options for those of us not wanting to drop hundreds of dollars on ak drilling jigs. Not only does it mark the center support and FCG holes perfectly, it marks the holes for BOTH trunnions without error. You can go buy a $150 center support, FCG drilling jig and a $70 trunnion hole jig.... or you could just use this 14 dollar template.

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