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Build Parts
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Made for AK 74 or 47s using forked or sidefolder trunnions.Includes two rivets (rear rivet i..
Childers Guns - Bolt Bench BlockOur bench block holds your bolt in place while you punch pin..
Childers Guns - Fire Control Group (FCG) Drill Jig These Jigs are NOT designed for US 47 bla..
Standard PSL optics railCG FAQ articles - Blog entries detailing Trigger Humps, 1...
Made for Romanian/Polish style trunnions using two long rivets.Includes two rivets (rear riv..
One set of 47 / 74 Original Polish lower rails.These work on Polish 47 / 74  ..
One set of 47 / 74 Yugo 1.5mm Lower Rails (heat treated)These work on Yugo 1.5mm B..
AK Center Support for 1mm ReceiversAK-builder manufactured   ..
AK Center Support for 1.5 mm ReceiversAK-builder manufacturedThese center supports will..
AK Disconnector SpringNew production AK disconnector spring.   ..
AK rivet sets for various receiver styles.AK-builder manufactured   ..
SAR-80 Sling swivel rivet (one spare included)Designed for use with hand clinching tool, the..
Red Star Arms FCG Pin Retaining PlateEasiest option to retain your FCG Pins.The origina..
FIME Fire Control Group For APK/RPKFire control group for AK/RPK based rifles, includes sing..
Reinforcement plates availible as standalone uninstalled components. If you want a rein..
Childers Guns - AK Plastic Vise Jaws (2 per set)Use these to clamp your AK in a vise. ..
This tool is for use with the SAR-80 Sling swivel rivets we sell.This solid tool will fold o..
These trigger guard screw plates are perfect for test assembly for rivet builds or final assembly..
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Childers Guns - Extra Drill Bits - FCG Drill JigThis set is the same as included for our FCG..
Standard AK-47 barrel pins made from tool steel and heat treated like the originals. The dimensio..
AK-Builder Barrel Pin Oversize .315 8mmThis barrel pin is 1mm or .039" larger in diameter th..
AK-Builder Barrel Pin Oversize .302 This barrel pin is .302" in diameter. The width is ..
AK-Builder Yugo Barrel Pin StandardThis fits the bulged trunnion Yugo's and the M92.Yug..
AK-Builder Yugo Barrel Pin Oversize .302This fits the bulged trunnion Yugo's and the Yugo M9..
AK-Builder Yugo Barrel Pin Oversize .315 8mmThis fits the bulged trunnion Yugo's and the Yug..