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Childers Guns - Bolt Bench BlockOur bench block holds your bolt in place while you punch pin..
Childers Guns - Fire Control Group (FCG) Drill Jig These Jigs require a spacer tube for prop..
Childers Guns K6-3 Helmet StickerOne of everyones favorite titanium helmets! Now in CG stick..
Childers Guns AKS-74u Badge StickerThe iconic short barrel AK, on a nice badge sticker...
Childers Guns Hydraulic Press StickersStickers featuring the classic A-Frame and H-frame hyd..
Childers Guns Receiver Badge stickerReceiver badge featuring AKM and AK74 Waterpro..
Childers Guns Receiver StickerFeaturing one of our sidefolder receiversWaterproof Vinyl..
Childers Guns "Retro Alpha" Holographic StickerTired of the future? Ready to go back to the ..
Childers Guns Underfolder StickerWaterproof Vinyl, UV resistant against fading, gloss finish..
Childers Guns Transparent Bumper/Outdoor StickerWaterproof Vinyl, UV resistant against fadin..
Childers Guns Sticker** This item will increase the accuracy of any weapon it is applied to ..
Childers Guns - AK Plastic Vise Jaws (2 per set)Use these to clamp your AK in a vise. ..
Childers Guns - 1/4" Transfer PunchPunch used for all layout guides. ..
This tool is for use with the SAR-80 Sling swivel rivets we sell.This solid tool will fold o..
Childers Guns - Extra Drill Bits - FCG Drill JigThis set is the same as included for our FCG..
Childers Guns - FCG Drill Bit SetThis set of Cobalt drill bits will allow you to drill ..
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Childers Guns - US FCG Drill Jig SpacerThis tube is the same as optionally included in our F..