RPK 1.5mm Receiver Square Back FFL ITEM

10-12 Weeks FFL REQUIRED RPK 1.5mm Receiver Square Back FFL ITEM
Brand: Childers Guns
Product Code: F1 CGR
Availability: 10-12 Weeks FFL REQUIRED

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Childers Guns - Romanian RPK Receiver

The back of the receiver is straight cut

This receiver will work for Romanian, Russian, etc. RPK parts kits

We offer Yugo options for this model if you want to build a Yugo RPK with a standard straight rear stock.  If you are building with a Yugo rear stock see our Yugo RPK Receiver listing - Yugo 1.5mm Receiver

Magwell dimples are optional.  Later model years did not include dimples

Each receiver is custom made, see availability for delivery times.

All holes are machined using CNC to insure accuracy.
The receiver is heat treated in our salt bath to 40 HRC.

Each receiver has the following completed:

Lower rails spot welded to receiver

Holes machined for:
Trigger guard rivets
Fire control group

Center support is installed.

Custom Serial Numbers:
Must be Roman letters (A,B,C) standard Numbers (1,2,3)
Must include at least one number (Not all letters)
Must be 4–14 characters including dashes and spaces
If your custom serial number is not available, we will contact you for an alternative.

This receiver for sale is for a 47 Yugo.

U.S. Sec 922r compliant part.

Trunnions / Stocks displayed for reference only - not included.

This receiver requires FFL transfer.

You must be 21 to purchase this item.


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DMG3 on 05/01/2020
2 reviews
Another home run with the quality produced by Childers!
Anthony S. on 09/25/2018
2 reviews
I ordered two F1 CGR's RPK receivers without magwell dimples and with custom serial number. They were completed fast and shipped well within the time quoted, I had them much sooner than expected . It's a real pleasure to build on a quality receiver knowing that my effort and attention to detail won't be wasted. I just ordered two more F1 CGR's RPK receivers with magwell dimples and one F1 CG1 AK 47 receiver and i'm confident that they will please! My sincere thanks to Childers Guns.

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