FCG Drill Jig

FCG Drill Jig
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Childers Guns - Fire Control Group (FCG) Drill Jig

These Jigs require a spacer tube for proper use with US Blanks. Check our extra instructions HERE

Designed to hold blanks for precise, repeatable drilling of all FCG holes. Unlike layout guides, these encase the entire blank, and hardened inserts keep the drill bits aligned during the drilling operation. Only minor hand filing is required after use.

These jigs are designed to work with our blanks, reusable, and come packaged with all the drill bits and the Allen key needed.*

You will still need your parts kit and blank, some small hand files, and something to drill the holes with.

  • The blank is located against several pins to position it in the correct location.
  • The other half of the jig is placed on the pins and tightened down, forming a secure clamshell around the blank.
  • Bushing inserts of a precise size will only allow the correct drill bit to go through, and are hard enough to prevent the bits from cutting into themselves and wandering off the hole location.
  • All holes can be drilled without having to reconfigure the jig.
  • Compatable with Pistol Grip Reinforcement Plate

You can use a mill, drill press, hand drill, etc drilling each hole from each side. Extra drill bit sets are availible as an option, or seperately. 

The instructions are availible as a PDF.

*This jig is not designed for PSL or Tantal Blanks. 

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