AK 47 blank (Polish Stamping)

2 - 4 Weeks AK 47 blank (Polish Stamping)
Brand: Childers Guns
Product Code: P1 AK 47 blank
Availability: 2 - 4 Weeks

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This blank/rails will fit all 1mm AK 47 / AKM kits
(Russian, Romanian, Polish, Hungarian, East German, Bulgarian, Egyptian, ect.)

Original Polish manufactured AK 47 blank

  • Fully heat treated
  • Lower Rails Spotweled in
  • Top Rails Trimmed to Spec
  • Mag Stabilizers Trimmed to Spec
  • Center Support Installed
  • Trigger Guard Rivet holes drilled

The new 2017 receiver blank from Childers Guns now includes our original factory style spot welds, making it the most Advance option for the home builder in the AK market to date. With the installation of the lower bolt guide rails, full heat treatment, and full bends this new receiver blank lets you enjoy gunsmithing without all the hassle, cost and doubt associated with Heat treatment, bending and welding.  In conjunction with our Layout Guides this makes the highest quality and lowest cost 80% Non-FFL AK receiver blank available.

For all underfolders and sidefolders the cuts will be minus the trunnion rivet holes unless you select the option – Rear Trunnion Rivet Holes.

Fixed stock trunnion holes are pilot holes only (.125"), they must be enlarged/fitted to your trunnions.
This 80% receiver blank for sale is for a 47, not a 74.

Engraving bottom front option is located on the bottom of the blank in front of the mag well.  Max 5 lines, 15 characters each line.  Contact us for custom engraving of other images / locations.

This Blank requires no FFL.

We also have Center Layout Guides, see related products below.

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GFA on 01/14/2017
18 reviews
Excellent blank receiver. Great customer service and fast shipping.
Luis R. on 10/19/2015
18 reviews
I'm absolutely blown away from the quality of these blanks. I ordered one with polish markings for a polish kit, but also compared it with two bought from another blank store.. cuts & bends on the Childers blank was perfect & professionally done. Childers will be my go to blank shop from now on. Thank You!
Serge on 09/23/2015
18 reviews
Bought two of these for a father son ak build, and they are just amazing. Sturdy, clean, and no warping what-so-ever. Will certainly buy more of them in the future!
BLG on 07/23/2015
18 reviews
Only a minimal amount of fitting for my carrier. The receiver is hard and regular drill bits will barely mark it. The engravings look great. I'm very satisfied with the quality.
WC Armament on 05/03/2015
18 reviews
Ordered six of these and I, like many here, am very pleased with work Childers did on them.We will be ordering more in the future.Thank you again!

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