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We have changed the way we offer rear trunnion cuts. For all underfolders and sidefolders the cuts will be minus the trunnion rivet holes unless you select the option – Rear Trunnion Rivet Holes. This change will allow the builder to better fit the rivets.  We have lowered the price of the cut for the stock, and now charge separate for the rivet holes.

Receiver AK47 AKM Polish Childers Guns AK Receiver Spot Welds M72 Yugo Build Pic 6 Yugo Selector Notches Markings URJ Yugo Receivers AK Childers Guns AK-47 AKM Receiver Spot Welds FCG Y-X Stamps Childers Guns AK47 AKM Receivers Spot Weld X-Y Stamps Parts Kit AK47 Engraving KGB Excellence Crest AK-74 Side Folder Angled Selector Notches AK 47 AKM Receiver East German Receiver Tantal AKMS Polish Navy Crest Polish Eagle Crest Coat of Arms Engrave Receiver AK-47 AKM AMD65 Hungarian AK47 AKM Straight Selector Notches M72 Yugo Build Pic 5 M72 Yugo Build Pic 3 AK 47 AKM Receiver Soviet Star Engraving 3 AKM receivers M72 Yugo Build Pic 9 Childers Guns Receivers M72 Yugo Build Pic 4 M72 Yugo Build Pic 8 AK-47 AKM Receiver Egyptian Maadi Markings Selector Receiver Yugo M70 M72 Yugo Build Pic 2 AK47 AKM Receivers M70AB1 Slabside AK Receivers Russian Fixed Stock AK 47 AKM Receiver Russian Fixed Stock Romanian Fixed Stock Crest Engrave M72 Yugo Build Pic 1 Tubak guard AK47 Childers Guns Receiver Romanian RPK Scrubbed Bulgarian spot welds AK Receiver Russian Underfolder AK-47 AKM Receiver Romanian AIMS Childers Guns Receivers maadi SAR Yugo M72 Receivers

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